Beothor is a legendary warrior who is one of the strongest people in the entire magical universe. Beothor fought many battles but his great foe is Xzodin. Beothor once wield the ice sword and it was during a battle with Xzodin that he froze himself and Xzodin with his ice sword for 700 million years. Beothor along with Xzodin was soon awaken and now Beothor works with the Magical Council as a soldier. Beothor’s descendants are the royal family of Mount Watahui and their kingdom is based on the top of Mount Watahui which is a mountain right next to Mount Sith. Beothor also is in a never ending battle with Xzodin who seems to be his immortal foe. Beothor is also friends with Broom Finger Jr., Sith, Gleeson, Xarpheus, Dr. Ankylosaurus and Vach Jr. Beothor currently lives with the royal family of Mount Watahui and Beothor is also a Wizard’s Court elder.

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