Blanchette Smawpwiig is a young female swamp monster and a former servant of Mr. Troll Toad. Blanchette Smawpwiig is a very shy yet strong young woman and she has a low self-esteem. Blanchette Smawpwiig thinks she is very ugly and doesn’t get along with her other swamp monsters. One day she sees a beautiful young elf woman and she wants to become her. So she learned how to make a beauty potion and soon she went from being an ugly swamp monster to becoming a beautiful supermodel-like young woman. Blanchette Smawpwiig ran away from Mr. Troll Toad’s mansion and she was mistaken for the wealthy elf industrialist’s daughter (because remember this is after she drank the beauty potion) during a rescue mission by the Magical Council and she would pretend to be her for a while until her beauty potion worn off and they discover who she really was. Blanchette Smawpwiig was forgiven by the Magical Council and she later aided them in defeating her former master Mr. Troll Toad. Blanchette Smawpwiig is the future husband of Broome Finger Jr. and together they’ll have a daughter named Kimeaver Finger.

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