Bradford is an elf and the heir to the Magical Postal Service fortune. Bradford was once a handsome young man and a bit of a playboy. But Bradford was soon cut off of his family’s fortune and Bradford wanted to earn his money back. Not thinking straight, Bradford made a deal with Salizard who tricked Bradford into giving Oouguya his soul in order to regain his family fortune. But after the deal was made, Salizard killed Bradford’s family so that Bradford would be the only heir. But Bradford didn’t want his family dead he just wanted the family fortune. After a long argument with Salizard, Salizard turned Bradford into a horrible demonic beast. Salizard remained that Bradford had sold his soul to Oouguya and like Salizard had to serve his master. But Bradford didn’t become that evil. Bradford would soon hide in his family’s mansion never leaving it because he’s ashamed of his monstrous form. The only way for Bradford to break his curse is he has to kill himself. But Bradford didn’t want to die and he eventually gave up hope and became a bit of a loner. But one day Marlette found his mansion while on a quest and Bradford and Marlette began to fall in love with each other. But Bradford would not find out that Marlette is actually a nerdy female Velociraptor and that Marlette actually drank a beauty potion that turned her into a beautiful supermodel-like young woman. But Marlette was the only person who didn’t treat Bradford like a monster. Eventually Bradford would become an ally of the Magical Council and with the help of Marlette try to find a way to break his curse and get his soul back from Oouguya.

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