Chandler Langford is a young male ogre and the third guardian of the Youth Stones. Chandler Langford’s father was killed by a group of demons who were trying to steal the Youth Stones. Chandler Langford now an orphan soon found a home with Lizguya who turned Chandler Langford into a handsome young man with the aide of one of the Youth Stones. Chandler Langford served as Lizguya’s bodyguard and became a bit of a brother figure to Riley Cox Lane and Monica Lane. Chandler Langford would soon develop a relationship with Misaki Seldenio but he was scared to reveal his true form to her because she met him as a handsome young man but in reality he’s actually an ugly ogre. But Chandler Langford soon discovered it was Lizguya who killed his father and that she actually wanted the Youth Stones to stay immortal. Chandler Langford no longer serves Lizguya and now he no longer pretends to be a handsome young man. Chandler Langford and Misaki Seldenio would soon get married and together they’ll have a son named Chandler Langford Jr.

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