Cindixsu is a young female coruptoren and one of the few surviving coruptorens.  Cindixsu is a thief and a con artist and the bodyguard of Deadler after Xzodin resurrected him. Xzodin would later hire both her and Deadler to aide him in his quest to kill his foe Beothor. Along with being his bodyguard and partner in crime, Cindixsu looks up to Deadler as her mentor and Deadler thought of her as his sister even though they weren’t related by blood.  Both Cindixsu and Deadler would soon have a change of heart and became heroes instead of villains. Cindixsu also carries a battle-axe, which she uses as her main weapon, and she’s a skilled martial artist. Cindixsu is also the future wife of Wagner Seldenio and together they’ll have a daughter named Misaki Seldenio.

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