Craig Evan Baruchel is a powerful human warrior and the father of Gully. He is a former member of the Black Knights army until he had a change of heart. Craig is very handsome and looks like a bodybuilder with long flowing hair and a beard. Craig realized that not all magical creatures were threat after years of being taught by the Black Knights army that they were all evil. Craig also soon begins to realize that he is beginning to develop magical powers himself and soon discovers that his parents were actually wizards who were killed by the Black Knights long ago. Craig also falls in love with a young female beast named Donna Paige and together they have a child who grows up thinking he’s only a beast when actually he’s half human. Craig Evan Baruchel was eventually killed by Irwin Mark’s young apprentice Mr. Hats after he turned to the dark side. Craig was also key in the creation of the magical universe and he was the mentor (and idol) of Henry K. Faun who was inspired by his actions to create the Magical Council which was actually Craig’s dream to create. Craig was honored after his death with a statue of him outside of the Magical Council headquarters.

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