Donna Paige is a young female beast and the mother of Gully. Donna Paige is a beast who longs to be human. She thinks she’s an ugly monster and hates being a beast. But Donna Paige met her future lover Craig Evan Baruchel when he captured her in a trap. Craig was about to kill her, but then he realized she was actually kind hearted and not a monster. Donna Paige is also a sorceress and she is able to talk to animals, plants, and rocks. Donna Paige was about to marry Craig but he was killed before their wedding day, so for her safety Donna and their son Gully lived among the beasts within the magical universe in secret and Gully would grow up to become a general in the Magical Council army. Donna is one of the few beasts who can actually speak English and talk well instead of rambling.

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