If there was ever a movie made based on my book "The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson" here are some people I've already envisioned to play some of my characters that will be in the movie. (Note: These actors aren’t truly either wanting to be involved in my projects or would even be available/alive when I make movies based on my characters…this is just a dream cast of people who I feel would do these characters justice, plus otherwise I played all these characters in my head so it’s very hard for me to picture other people playing them).

"Weird Al" Yankovic or Steven “Bucky” Butler as Spotty

Paul F. Tompkins as Beardy

Trey Parker as Spotty Jr.

Matt Stone as Zach

Jeremy Irons as Coyote

Luke Wilson or Owen Wilson as Stork

Kelsey Grammer as Insane Dog Catcher

AJ Lubecker, Jay Baruchel, or Michael Cera as Nick

Robert Pattinson as Prince Charming (Wild Man)

Robin Williams as Riddle Fox

Daniel Radcliffe as Alfred Charming

"Bobcat" Goldthwait or Simon Pegg as Mr. We

Kevin Nash or Ron Perlman as Dark Mark

"Weird Al" Yankovic as Gus Peterson the ADD Pirate

Adam Sandler or Chris Hardwick as Lewis the farter

Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe as Bone Wings

Bill Cosby or Morgan Freeman as Knowledge

Clancy Brown or David Hyde Pierce as X-Eye (Henry Q.)

Kurt Russell as Sikios

Hulk Hogan or "Superstar" Billy Graham as Lucky

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Veg

Elle Fanning or Dakota Fanning as May Charming (Melted Girl)

Sir Christopher Lee or Sir Ian McKellen as Moeguya

Hank Azaria as Gangster

Frank Welker or Steven “Bucky” Butler as Bark

Andy Serkis as Willie

Woody Harrelson as Killshot

Jim Parsons as Bob Nerdy

Seth MacFarlane as Dr. Slamin Salmon

Jim Belushi as R-Man

Biz Markie as Yo The Rooster

Dane Cook as The Plant Guy (The Boy That Turned Green)

Jim Cummings as Terry the Tapir

Carlos Mencia or Gabriel Iglesias as Termite

Robert Englund as The Skull Slasher

Blue Demon, Jr. as El Killo

Andy Dick as XZ

Patrick Ewing as Bob Jordan

Tim Curry as The Groundskeeper

Verne Troyer as Bug Boy

Quinton Jackson as Lester BarnSwallow

James Hong as Uncle “Anime” Akira

Alan Tudyk as The Mayor of WackyLand

Jackie Earle Haley as Fearsome the Alligator

BD Wong as Expo Speed

Tim Conway as The Human Spring

Marilyn Manson as Vach Jr.

Eddie Murphy or Arsenio Hall as Funky Monkey

Damon Wayans Sr. as Yunko the Clown

Jim Carrey as Gacy Gein Dahmer

Lewis Black as Fatty the Elephant Seal

Aziz Ansari as Barack Blenny

Tara Strong as Heather (Spotty’s Daughter)

Andrew Dice Clay as Fat Lazy Karate Teacher

DMX as Sammy T

Daniel Tosh as Kip the Pirate

Steve Buscemi as Larry the Jackalope

Sylvester Stallone as Sure 5

Jesse Eisenberg as Broiler

Larry the Cable Guy as The Frog

Dax Shepard as Snow White the Viking

Sam Elliott as Reaper

Dana Carvey as Boogie Man

Dr. Phil McGraw as Smart Raptor

Jo Koy as Mr. Ninja

Bo Burnham as Binky Bear

Megan Fox as Jessica Kinling

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Brick Archer

Emma Stone as Misty Mount

Zachary Levi as Arthur Willings

Woody Allen as Manatee

Donnie Wahlberg as Hawk

Thomas Middleditch as Deer

Liam Neeson as General J.

Bruce Dern as Wise Wizard

Channing Tatum as Gay Pride

J. K. Simmons as Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly

Kim Kardashian as Fat Ass Sally

Rebel Wilson as Amy Supersize

Gary Oldman as Night Watch

Olivia Munn as Judy Brown

Benedict Cumberbatch as Evil Dino-Skeleton

Kevin Spacey as Burn

Michael Fassbender as Mr. Raccoon

Sir Patrick Stewart as Lion

Matt Damon as Robot Blue

Ryan Reynolds as The GreenSpeed (Gus Speed)

Tim Robbins or Mickey Rourke as Ivan the Crusher

Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Hurt

Johnny Knoxville as Stunt Duck

Sarah Silverman as Annoying Girl

Matthew McConaughey as Mr. Cool

Clint Eastwood as The Knight

Seth Rogen or Danny McBride as “Mr. Random” Steven J. Butler, Jr.

Rip Taylor as Happy New Year Ghost

Josh Gad as Transfoom

Josh Brolin as Killax the Destroyer

Scarlett Johansson as Scar

Max von Sydow as Wise Old Chess Piece

Jake "The Snake" Roberts as Jake the Last Storyteller

Kate Upton as Ms. Giant (Dr. Vicky Good)

Michael Jai White as Paul Ziser

Batista as Roncor

Keith Richards as The Wonderful Walrus

Mickie James or Jennifer Lawrence as Faterella

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