Ewen Black is the former mentor of Craig Evan Baruchel and a relative of King Black IV. Ewen Black is a high ranking member of the Black Knights army and he’s a very evil man. Ewen Black also killed Craig Evan Baruchel’s parents and the reason he didn’t kill Craig himself was because he thought the Black Knights could use him as a weapon because in theory if the Black Knights raised a powerful wizard child he could grow up to help them kill wizards just by being a wizard. Ewen Black also secretly kind of liked Craig like a son, but Ewen Black was still just using him for his own needs. After Craig betrayed the Black Knights, it was up to Ewen Black to kill Craig and destroy his best student. But Craig would eventually defeat Ewen Black and Ewen Black would later join Oouguya and his demon army after he was kicked out of the Black Knights. Ewen Black’s current whereabouts remain unknown but some say he’s dead!

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