Gacy Gein Dahmer is a serial killer and body snatcher who has fought against the “That Spells Action Heroes” many times. Gacy Gein Dahmer is really insane and truly evil. He just loves to kill anything or anyone. Gacy Gein Dahmer is very proud of his work and sees nothing wrong with what he’s doing. Gacy Gein Dahmer also wears a necklace with the fingers from the many women he killed over the years. Gacy Gein Dahmer also worships the head of his police officer father in his house. Gacy Gein Dahmer likes to work alone and the other super villains feel very uncomfortable when they have to team up with him. Gacy Gein Dahmer is also a cannibal and he’s a loner. Gacy Gein Dahmer and The Skull Slasher have a feud against each other and try to outdo each other when it comes to killing the innocent. Gacy Gein Dahmer’s whereabouts are currently unknown but some say he’s dead while others think he’s pretty much immortal. 

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