General Takeappen is the general of the ape creature army and a henchman Oouguya Jr. General Takeappen wants his people to rule the entire jungle and will do anything to do it. General Takeappen overthrew the ape creatures’ alpha male (which is basically the ape creatures’ society’s king) to rule over the entire ape creature kingdom. Now with the aide of his master Oouguya Jr., General Takeappen is determined to rule the entire jungle. General Takeappen has a rivalry with War The Rhinotaur because his people rule most of what he thinks is his jungle. Also General Takeappen has a rivalry with King Loma Lion and his people because again King Loma Lion rules what he thinks is his part of the jungle. Plus little does General Takeappen know is that Oouguya Jr. is using him to gain the dark crystals mines that his people control so that he can gain access to them. Now General Takeappen is an enemy of the Magical Council and a threat to the entire magical universe even though he just wants to rule all the jungles of the magical universe not the entire thing universe as a whole. General Takeappen suffers from dissociative identity disorder, schizophrenia, and paranoid personality disorder which dictates his life and his warlike ways. General Takeappen is also a master martial artist, swordsman and marksman. General Takeappen also has superhuman stamina, agility, flexibility and reflexes and is basically one of the most powerful leaders in the entire magical universe. General Takeappen also has the ability to grow into a 949 foot giant ape monster and has fire breath due to him eating a magical banana when he was a child. General Takeappen was eventually defeated by the Magical Council and the ape creatures’ kingdom and the jungle were once again at peace. General Takeappen’s current whereabouts remain unknown but some say he’s a hermit living in a cave in the dark part of the jungle.

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