Imelda is a nerdy young woman. She is a half snake half ostrich shape shifter and she is a creation of Tomhagi. Imelda is a student at the Wizard’s Court school. Imelda secretly has a crush on Sabin even though when Sabin first meets her Sabin mistakes Imelda for a nerdy young man. Plus Imelda has a very annoying voice and a high pitch that could break glass. So Imelda secretly transforms into a beautiful supermodel-like woman and flirts with Sabin. Sabin and Imelda soon fall in love even though Sabin doesn’t know it’s really her. Sabin soon finds out that the beautiful girl he fell in love was actually Imelda but in the end they still love each other. Sabin and Imelda would soon get married and they’ll have a son named Rupert.

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