Irwin Mark is a nerdy young wizard and the father of Riddle Fox and Dark Mark. Irwin Mark used to be the apprentice to a wizard who basically was a con man and his master soon turned out to actually be a dark wizard working for Oouguya and his demon army. Then he met Craig Evan Baruchel who he sensed could be the fabled Chosen One a.k.a. a wizard that is powerful enough to defeat Oouguya. Irwin Mark who soon become Craig’s best friend and together along with a group of legendary very powerful wizards created the magical universe. After Craig’s death, Irwin Mark became a king of a kingdom inside the magical universe and he fathered two children one good, the other eventually became evil. He was also key in the founding of the Magical Council and he is a friend of Henry K. Faun. Irwin Mark was also the largest investor in The Faun Magical Potions Corporation.

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