KWE/BWC Legends Program honors people who have helped the Wrestling business grow. Most of these Legends have been a primary source of influence for the KWE/BWC stars.

The idea behind this program is to say thank you to some of the real stars of wrestling. And the KWE/BWC Legends program is connected to the KWE/BWC Hall of Fame.

KWE/BWC Superstars that are members of the KWE/BWC Legends Program!

· Kazam

· Mysterio

· Pump Daddy

· Reaper


· Mr. Safari

· Poor Petey

· Grasshopper Gus

· The Banana Guy

· Reaper’s Clone

  • Mr. Icon
  • Mr. Hero
  • Ojay the Giant
  • “The Rich Bitch” Fatty Sammy
  • “The Legendary Announcer” Bobby Daniels

  • Sgt. Smash

  • Kevin McOtto

  • Lucky
  • The Champ

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