Owners: Butler INC. and That Spells Action INC.

CEO: Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly

Chairman of the Board: Sgt. Smash

Chief Marketing Officer: Uncle Tony

Chief Operating Officer: Movie Star

Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Wrestling

Director of Talent Relations: Kevin McOtto

Current Color Commentators: Jack Sports and Larry Sports

Current In-Ring Announcer: Diana Johnson

Occasional In-Ring Announcer: Bobby Daniels

Current KWE/BWC Managers: Super Judy, The Fisherman, Danny Deathlock, The Pimp, Dirty Jesse, Sumo John, Extreme Ian, The Jazz Man, The Chicago Kid, Jack Racer, Bad Luck Joe and Mr. Words

Head Janitor of the KWE/BWC Arena: Lucky

Head of the KWE/BWC Fan Club: Alex Norman

Chief Creative Officer: Mr. Safari

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