Kimeaver Finger is the daughter of Broome Finger Jr. and Blanchette Smawpwiig. She is a half snake half ostrich shape shifter. She has her mother’s personality and she’s also the best friend of Yuryevnanina. Kimeaver Finger dreams of becoming a member of The Sky Knights like her grandfather Broome Finger but she still has to be chosen by them. But at least through her grandfather she inherited the powers of a Sky Knight even though she doesn’t wear the armored glove. She is also a shy and caring young woman with the mind of a warrior. Kimeaver Finger is a bit of a rebel and she loves to read. Kimeaver Finger is also the future wife of Beothor even though Beothor is million years older than her but since he’s been frozen for so long Beothor still has the body and mind of a 28 year old man and now Kimeaver Finger is a member of  the royal family of Mount Watahui through her marriage to Beothor. Kimeaver Finger and Beothor together will have a son named Broomothor.

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