Lizguya is the daughter of Oouguya and the half sister of Oouguya Jr. and Vach. She has the appearance of a beautiful young woman but is actually a million year old demon spawn. Lizguya wants nothing more than to stay young forever and rule the universe. Like her father and brothers, she has her own set of followers who are mostly misfits who are actually good people being mislead. Lizguya also secretly pretends to be a member of a royal family that doesn’t exist but yet she poses as a different member of it through multiple generations. Lizguya was once in an arranged marriage with Broomothor but once he found out who Lizguya really was he called it off. Lizguya’s current whereabouts remain unknown but she is sometimes seen working alongside her half brothers Oouguya Jr. and Vach. Lizguya also has some daddy issues with her father the demon king Oouguya and they don’t really like each other that much even though they have a lot in common with each other.

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