Loka The Clown is a female clown who is actually a species of magical creatures that look like clowns. She doesn’t wear clown makeup but natural skin colors are that of a circus clown. She has big feet and wears big floppy clown shoes. Loka is a member of the Wizard’s Court and the girlfriend of Scott Sith. Scott used to be scared of clowns but then he met Loka and soon the two fell in love. The Magical Council saved Loka from an evil ringmaster and now Loka is fellow fighter in the Magic Wars. Loka is also the best friend of Christy and Christy is also a bit of Loka’s mentor in magic. Loka currently lives with Scott in the magical universe and is hoping to one day reunite with her parents who are still with the evil ringmaster as his slaves. Loka The Clown is also a backup member of the Summon Team.

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