Marlette is the daughter of Bucky Potter and Selena. She is a Velociraptor and she has her father’s personality. Marlette is very shy yet very smart. She likes to dance and dreams of being a beautiful princess. Marlette occasionally thinks she’s a monster even though she’s not. Marlette would soon meet Bradford and they began to fall in love with each other. After Bradford’s curse was broken and Bradford turned back into a handsome young man, Marlette began to worry that now that Bradford was beautiful and that she was really ugly she became a little worried that he wouldn’t love her anymore. After his curse is broken, Bradford wouldn’t find out the truth of Marlette right away. Since Marlette’s beauty potion wore off after Bradford’s curse was broken (because Bradford was unconscious when Marlette transformed back into a Velociraptor). So after Bradford awoke, Marlette lied to him and said that she was Marlette’s pet Velociraptor (even though it was really her). Bradford soon found out Marlette was really a Velociraptor when he noticed that they both wore the same necklace. Even though Marlette felt ashamed, Bradford still loved her no matter how she looked because he knew what it felt like to feel like a monster. Marlette and Bradford would soon get married and have a son named Bradford Jr.

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