Moreau Verne Seldenio is a half human half horse creature and a thief on the run from the law. Moreau Verne Seldenio is a cocky yet skilled young man who is the only known kind of his species and was raised by a cult that worshiped a horse god. The cult who raised him also were thieves and he learned much from them while also being worshiped by them. Moreau Verne Seldenio is also a kindly young man who likes to help the poor but yet he still is a little greedy. Moreau Verne Seldenio also speaks with a Jamaican accent and he is a good sprinter. Moreau Verne Seldenio likes to smoke marijuana and he also is a skilled swordsmen. After he was caught after he stole a royal crown from the elf king, he had a change of heart and would soon join the Magical Council army and he was no longer a bad guy but a good guy. Moreau Verne Seldenio is also the future husband of Gwendoline and together they’ll have a son named Wagner Seldenio.

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