Mr. Troll Toad is a half troll half toad creature who lives in an abandoned mansion in the middle of a ghostly swamp. Mr. Troll Toad is also a dark wizard and he hordes a collection a junk he thinks is wealth and he rules his swamp with an iron fist. Mr. Troll Toad also has swamp monster servants who are basically his slaves and he breeds them and treats them like animals. Mr. Troll Toad grows worried when his land is being invaded by wealthy beautiful elves who wish to buy up his land and mine it for the light crystals underneath it. But Mr. Troll Toad is basically a hermit and wants nobody on his land. Mr. Troll Toad would soon kidnap a wealthy elf industrialist’s daughter and holds her hostage until he gives him gold and that he or his kind never return to his swamp. Mr. Troll Toad was soon arrested by the Magical Council and later on he would become a henchmen of Oouguya Jr. Mr. Troll Toad current whereabouts remain unknown but some say he still lives somewhere in his haunted swamp!

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