Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly’s Stooges (Movie Star & Uncle Tony) are a wrestling tag team and KWE/BWC executives. Movie Star is the KWE/BWC Chief Operating Officer and Uncle Tony is the KWE/BWC Chief Marketing Officer together they are basically are Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly’s top assistants. Movie Star is the more responsible one while Uncle Tony is the lazy and greedy one. But Movie Star and Uncle Tony are very loyal to Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly and they always agree with whatever he says. When Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly is sick or unable to come to work, Movie Star and Uncle Tony usually fill in for him thus act as authority figures for that night’s event. Movie Star and Uncle Tony are also occasionally wrestle as a tag team and they are a former 2-time KWE/BWC tag team Champions. They be executives but they’ll always be stooges!

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