Prince Magnus Bashir is a half demon half human who was adopted by the Bashir royal family. A demonic spawn of Oouguya and he was destined to be a powerful demonic warrior. He was place in the care of the Bashir royal family when he was a newborn because Oouguya threaten to kill everyone in their kingdom if they didn’t make him a prince and thus he grew up to be a kind hearted young man. Prince Magnus grew up not knowing he was half demon and when he finally found out his true destiny he went mad. Prince Magnus Bashir then went from looking like a handsome young man to transforming into a huge demonic creature. Prince Magnus Bashir was soon defeated by our heroes and now he currently serves Oouguya. Prince Magnus Bashir also would eventually find out he was the biological son of Oouguya and the younger half-brother of Oouguya Jr. and Vach.

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