Red Rhino is an obese female red skinned demon and the rival of The Green Demon. Red Rhino is called Red Rhino because she has one long horn sticking out of her forehead. But before Red Rhino became an obese red skinned demon, she used to be a sexy thin mortal supermodel. But when she died, she went to Hell and as a punishment for her sinful ways Satan turned her into a monstrous demon. Now Red Rhino is a very powerful super villain of the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and just plain evil. Red Rhino was also once the best friend of Ms. Condor before she died but now she is her enemy. Red Rhino also has a short fuse and loves to fight. Red Rhino also secretly has a crush on The Green Demon even though their enemies. Red Rhino currently lives in Hell only to come to the mortal realm to wreak havoc upon it.

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