Smart Raptor is a Velociraptor who took a pill that increased his intelligence and was part of a mad scientist’s experiment to make dinosaurs smarter. Smart Raptor is one of the many dinosaurs who was the mad scientist’s test subjects. Smart Raptor actually was born 65 million years ago but through a time machine arrived in the present. After Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs escaped the mad scientist’s lair they soon found themselves in an entirely new world. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs went on adventures with a kind hearted female professor and her son who they would befriend later on. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs basically became superheroes and they fought giant monsters, aliens, giant robots and super villains. Smart Raptor currently works as a school counselor at Binky Bear’s high school. Smart Raptor is also a member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team.

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