The Army Enforcers is a wrestling stable that acts as the bodyguards for Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly and they claim to be the so-called protectors of the KWE/BWC. The Army Enforcers members include Mike Manly, Gay Pride, Mr. Icon, Officer Pig, Jackhammer Jack, Sgt. Smash, Smasher Dasher, and BWK Jr. The Army Enforcers wear body armor and they act like soldiers. They each also carry a handgun and they march down to the ring in a military-like fashion. Even though they want to protect the KWE/BWC, they secretly want to take over the KWE/BWC and get rid of Pete “Mr. Gold” Manly once and for all. The Army Enforcers are in a way the bad guys and none of the other KWE/BWC wrestlers like them. The Army Enforcers are currently broken up but they sometimes reunite when they feel the KWE/BWC is threatened.

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