The Black Knights’ robotic soldiers were invented by Sir Spring-Heeled Jack and the Black Knights’ kingdom in order to destroy and kill all magical creatures. The Black Knight’s robotic soldiers are made out of a strange metal found inside a meteorite that is basically unbreakable. The Black Knights’ robotic soldiers are very human-like but they’re actually nanomorph poly-alloy (liquid metal) robots. These robotic soldiers are so advanced that when an enemy cuts of a limb or a body part it not only grows back but the body part transforms into another robot. The Black Knights’ robotic soldiers are probably one of the toughest foes that the Magical Council ever faced. But some of the Black Knights’ robotic soldiers have become self-aware and rebellious thus no longer working for Sir Spring-Heeled Jack and the Black Knights’ kingdom but for themselves. But these robotic soldiers maybe independent but yet somehow they will always be programmed to kill magical creatures thus none of them will probably ever become truly good. Also it should be noted since the Black Knights’ robot soldiers are very human-like they basically look like very attractive men and women. Even though some of them are independent now they always will wear the symbol of the Black Knights’ on their armor. But like any foe to the Magical Council they can be defeated because they aren’t that strong.

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