“An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story” is a future “Spotty” story themed around the old TV show Gilligan's Island with the characters of the “Spotty” series playing the parts of the characters of the show. Basically this story will be a parody of Gilligan's Island but even though it’ll still be a “Spotty” story, it’ll also feel like a normal episode of Gilligan's Island. Which “Spotty” character will play which Gilligan's Island character? This time will they get off the island? Read “An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story” when it comes out very soon!

The Cast of “An untitled Spotty Gilligan's Island parody story”!

·      Spotty as Gilligan

·      Beardy as Thurston Howell III

·      Spotty Jr. as Mary Ann (don’t worry folks, he’s a male version of the character in this telling of the story)

·      Penny Greyhound as Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell

·      Coyote as The Professor

·      Terry the Tapir as The Skipper

·      Heather (Spotty’s Daughter) as Ginger Grant

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