Professor X-He is the founder and leader of the X-Men. Since Professor X is the leader a.k.a. boss he has to fire a few superheroes today. He is confined to a wheelchair.

The Scissor-A superhero whose only superpower is that he has a pair of scissors that he uses as a weapon. Insane, a madman, just plain nuts, and hyper active.

Chicken Man-He’s just a guy who wears a chicken suit that carries a gun that shoots chicken nuggets.

Break Man-He may sound like a legit superhero but his only power is that he’s really good at breakdancing which he uses to confuse and distract criminals.

Koala Girl-A young woman who dresses like a koala and she is able to talk to koalas and control koalas with her mind. Cute, tries her best, loves koalas, wants to keep her job, and basically wants to be the best.

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