PRIEST FROLLO-He was a former torturer at a medieval dungeon and now the current head writer of a TV sketch comedy series. Torturer, assertive, confident, very religious, old timer, wants to get his job done, doesn’t like sinners.

Jordan-He is a white man with brown buzz-cut hair and he’s a former scientist that worked for a robot company. He’s also a part of a comedy duo called Michael and Jordan and currently works as a comedy writer. Stoner, genius, lonely, flirty, funny, socially awkward, and an asshole.

Gilligan Denver-He’s the former janitor of the Pizza Brothers Chinese/pizza Place and he hates his job and life. Currently works as a comedy writer, grumpy, middle aged, suicidal, depressed, rarely happy, insane, but can hide it well, a loser who was once a successful individual.

Velvet-A former popular girl in high school, a popular girl stereotype, hates her adult life, hasn’t aged well, she’s moody, bossy, basically a bitch and a bully. Currently a comedy writer, but used to be a porn star.

Felicity-She is an evil princess and a witch. She’s was the femme fatal of the Sinisters. She looks and acts like a bitchy supermodel. Retired from a life of super villainy, she is now a feminist comedy writer.

Nancy-A middle aged woman who is overly quirky, a comedy writer who runs a vintage yarn shop on the side, loves to collect typewriters, makes a lot of weird noises and twitches a lot too.

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