The Clown Company is a newly created media company created from the corporate split of the original Silly Squad INC. It is currently the #2 entertainment company in its class and they do TV shows, movies, internet clips, merchandising, music, newspapers, radio stations, and websites. The Clown Company is also a public corporation and trades on NYSE.

Subsidiaries of The Clown Company!

·       Liarmun Media (50% stake)

·       Coyote Corp Entertainment (50% stake)

·       Lixey Bros. Studios

·       The Peter Puppet Company

·       Coyote Corp Boxing

·       RawDog (50% stake)

·       KWE/BWC Wrestling (50% stake)

Employees of The Clown Company!

CEO and Owner: Flea-Boy the Clown

Chairman of the Board: Larry Lixey IV

Board of directors:  Joe, Funclock, Sammy T, General Butt Face and Lenny the Leopard

Chief Marketing Officer: Fatty the Elephant Seal

Head Writers: Barack Blenny, Pip Puffin, and Mangnifico the World’s Strongest Man

Talent Agents: Hud Howler Monkey, Silly Bilby, Ossum the Homey Opossum and Funky Monkey

Producers: Taze Tarsier, The Short Term Memory Loss Family, The Frog, and Merry Christmas Ghost

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