The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are a brother and sister duo whose parents were killed and now they seek revenge for their parents’ deaths by killing criminals. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are in a way not superheroes because they kill anyone they think is a criminal so most of the time they kill the innocent by mistake. The Evil Slayer is a young male teenager who wears blood red jumpsuit and dark red ski mask. The Evil Slayer can use almost anything as a weapon and personally loves to use swords and firearms for most of his killings. Rag Doll is a 6 year old girl who wears a Kabuki mask and carries a sledgehammer but she mostly lets her brother do the killing. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are also the heirs to a billion dollar fortune because their father was a rich oil tycoon who left all of his fortune to his two children a.k.a. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are basically two superhero want-a-bees and they are just two juvenile delinquents who have a lot of money and time on their hands and they like to spend their time killing people. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll are a bit a misfits in the “That Spells Action Heroes” community because the “That Spells Action Heroes” think they are super villains while the super villains themselves fear they might be their next victims. The Evil Slayer and Rag Doll’s current whereabouts remain unknown! Also Buddy Moneybags is The Evil Slayer’s godfather and Rag Doll’s godfather is X-Eye (Henry Q.).

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