The Faun Magical Potions Corporation is a huge provider of magical potions and magical equipment and one of the largest corporations in the magical universe. Founded a small store in Magic Town the company grew into a chain of stores that sell many magical items. The Faun Magical Potions Corporation is known for destroying small businesses and the company is the largest funder for the Magical Council. Ernest B. Faun is the current CEO of the Faun Magical Potions Corporation and the last living heir to the Faun family fortune. Currently the company is working on rebuilding its brand and sells its products to local stores instead of running their own.

Products of The Faun Magical Potions Corporation!

· Magic potions

· Magic wands

· Swords

· Golems

· Candles

· Magic spells books

· Candy

· Voodoo dolls

· Axes

· Light crystals

· Magical pet items

· Medicine

· Bows and arrows

· Love arrows

· Toys

· Horseshoes

· Lizard tails

· Caldrons

· Flying brooms

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