The Gimmick Bunch is a wrestling stable where each member is known for having a crazy wrestling gimmick. The Gimmick Bunch members are Officer Pig, Project 021, Spielberg the Bruiser, Chief Kay Crossbow, The Fry Cook, The Black Knight, The Bag Boy, Lucha King, Jackhammer Jack, The Lumberjack, Bopf the Witch Doctor, The Zookeeper, The Artist, Reaper’s Clone, Red Ogre, Sumo John Jr., Gorilla #2 and “The Rich Bitch” Fatty Sammy. The Gimmick Bunch’s mascot is Larry the Boxing Kangaroo. The Gimmick Bunch act plain crazy and weird. The Gimmick Bunch loves to annoy other wrestlers and they even annoy the fans. The Gimmick Bunch also each wear T-shirts with a picture of Lewis Carroll in the center. The Gimmick Bunch also loves to pull pranks and they even drive in a clown car. The Gimmick Bunch disbanded but they love to reunite on every April fool’s Day and they also reunite on the birthday of their idol Lewis Carroll every year. The Gimmick Bunch also runs a comedy club across the street of KWE/BWC Arena and many famous stand-up comedians have performed there!

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