The Mystery Misfits are a trio of teenage detectives from an old Saturday morning cartoon. But one day through supernatural forces unbeknownst to them these cartoon detectives came to life and now are in the real world. The members of The Mystery Misfits include Donnie who acts as the leader of the group, Minnie the beautiful popular girl, Mitt the nerdy teenage boy, and Mitt’s pet okapi Oupa. The Mystery Misfits are also monster hunters and they have crossed paths with Max Storm and The Skull Slasher. Max Storm is a fan of their cartoon and likes working with them while The Skull Slasher just found them annoying. But The Mystery Misfits soon found out that the real world is very different from the cartoon world. Donnie basically became an alcoholic and disillusioned in the real world while in his cartoon would he was the popular pretty boy jock. Minnie basically became the pacemaker of the group while in the cartoon world she was Donnie’s girlfriend. Mitt basically became the voice of reason and the true leader of the group in the real world while in the cartoon world Mitt was just a cowardly nerd. Finally Mitt’s pet okapi Oupa became intelligent and speaks in an English accent while in the cartoon would Oupa was cowardly and spoke with a speech impediment. Now The Mystery Misfits are faced with many problems but mostly the main problem is should they stay in the real world or should they return to the cartoon world. The Mystery Misfits are a very unique ally to the “That Spells Action Heroes!” and they are very busy during Halloween night!

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