The Sky Knights are a magical universe militia and exploration group residing in the skies of the magical universe. The Sky Knights gained their powers through a silver blue orb created by The Spirit Guardian and each member of the Sky Knights gains the mystic power of the silver blue orb through an armored glove. The Sky Knights members’ powers include the power of flight, super strength, super speed, durability, energy projection and absorption, telepathy, empathy, mind reading and control, memory alteration and erasure, psychic powers, and they can created weapons out of thin air by just mere thought. The Sky Knights soldiers are made up of many different kinds of magical creatures and any magical creature, human being, or animal can become of member of the Sky Knights. The Sky Knights members are chosen by the armored glove itself and new members are chosen when a Sky Knight dies in battle thus needing to be replaced. Each member of the Sky Knights is a reincarnation of the original wearer of the armored glove thus once its new wearer gains the memories and a bit of the personalities of the armored gloves original owner. The Sky Knights are independent of the Magical Council and they work directly with The Spirit Guardian. The Spirit Guardian has made the Sky Knights the true guardians of the magical universe and the protectors of the skies in general. The Sky Knights armor is made out of the same material of the silver blue orb that powers it. The Sky Knights currently work in the shadows and appear when the magical universe is threaten by something that can truly destroy it. The Sky Knights members are to remain anonymous for their protection so no one in the Magical Council nor even the entire magical universe knows which individuals are members of the Sky Knights. Plus there are both male and female members of the Sky Knights so practically anyone could become a Sky Knight only if the armored glove choses them!

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