The Wrestling 99% is a wrestling stable of wrestlers who aren’t really main eventers and mostly they are the jobbers. The Wrestling 99% members are Viking Rick, The Soda Jerk, Buck Gordon, Dingo Rick, Ned the Neanderthal, Happy Jim, Dread, Grandpa Gary and Disco Fever Jr. The Wrestling 99% was formed because they were all about to be fired by the KWE/BWC and so they banded together to keep their jobs and to take over the locker room. The Wrestling 99% also tried to win all the KWE/BWC Championships but they failed. The Wrestling 99% also hates legends and main eventers for hogging up their screen time and they love to beat random wrestlers up for no apparent reason. The Wrestling 99% soon disbanded when some of its members found success without the group. The Wrestling 99% is known for an occasional reunion here or there but this is one of the few wrestling stables where most of its members don’t always got along. The Wrestling 99%’s manager is The Fisherman and The Fisherman also manages some of the members when they weren’t a part of the group.

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