The Yellow Shogun is a very powerful immortal shogun with god-like powers. Long ago The Yellow Shogun once ruled an entire empire until he was defeated by Goddiess. After Goddiess defeated The Yellow Shogun, the gods trapped his soul into his yellow armor. Many centuries passed and The Yellow Shogun’s armor was bought by X-Eye (Henry Q.) to be made into weapons. But X-Eye’s Mexican janitor Cinco Pollo touched The Yellow Shogun’s armor and it fused with Cinco Pollo. Much like Goddiess and George J. Brook, Cinco Pollo and The Yellow Shogun now share a body but are they two completely different people. The Yellow Shogun is evil and power hungry while Cinco Pollo is very kind hearted. Now that The Yellow Shogun has returned, it’s up to the “That Spells Action Heroes!” to stop him from taking over the world. The Yellow Shogun is truly one of the most powerful super villains and yet he is also the most evil.

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