The Zunion is a secret organization created by super villains which each super villain is a member of. The Zunion goal is universal domination and they actively look for new super villains to join The Zunion. The Zunion is currently lead by Zrotk who is also one of its founders. The Zunion also currently has two co-leaders X-Eye (Henry Q.) and Hillax the Destroyer. The Zunion is secretly working together to not only take over the universe but to destroy every single one of the “That Spells Action Heroes!”

The Members of The Zunion!

· Zrotk

· X-Eye (Henry Q.)

· Hillax the Destroyer

· Raptor Claw

· Dr. Duck

· Komodo King

· Ivan the Crusher

· Dr. Hurt

· Dirtclog

· Bug Boy

· Rat Man

· Purple Mosquito & Green Mosquito

· The Yellow Shogun

· Atomic Ali

· Spider Hand

· Exclamation Point

· Tornado Ted

· Buzz & Kirk

· Dr. Sumo

· Blue Jay

· Swordfish

· Turtle Man

· Blood Hound

· Bogo the Anit-Stretch Man

· Pelican King

· Dino Man

· Water Man

· The Werewolf King

· The Jom-Eom King

· The Cartoon King

· Hypno

· Chaos the Demon

· Dina

· Gangster

· Professor Snout

· Tom T-Rex

· The Monster Master (Scott F. Henry)

· Virus

· Time Man

· Black Magic

· Peter P. Pixie

· Badger Man

· Droid 6

· Robo Rexes

· Hacko the Wise

· Oliver Owl

· Boogie Man

· Robo-Spotty 4.0

· Color Man

· Roncor

· Night Watch

· Dean Deathlock

· Dean the Giant

· Freddy the Kid

· Prince Norna

· Mike Red and Rick Red (The Red Bros.)

· Yunko the Clown

· Professor Udo

· Brute

· Lighting Litzo

· Cavity-Man

· Professor Kocar

· The Goblin Team (Anti-Bull Horns, Ring Arm, and Pink Flying Skull Man)

· Larry the Jackalope

The Members of The Zunion!

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