Uncle “Anime” Akira is the founder of the Japanese animation film studioUncle Akira Productions”. Uncle “Anime” Akira founded his animation studio back 1947 when he was just seventeen years old and it soon grew into the number two anime studio in Japan. In early 2009, Uncle Akira’s studio was not doing so well due to changing times. Uncle Akira almost filed for bankruptcy but soon Flea-Boy the Clown bought his Japanese animation studio and soon “Uncle Akira Productions” became a subsidiary of Silly Squad INC. Uncle “Anime” Akira soon became a member of the Silly Squad and he has appeared on many of the Silly Squad’s TV shows. Uncle “Anime” Akira currently is the chief writer for the Silly Squad. Also Uncle “Anime” Akira looks like a Manga (Japanese comic book) character and he also carries a samurai sword with him everywhere. Uncle Akira is also a pedophile and a little bit of a pervert.

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