Yadira 0.85 is a female Black Knights’ robotic soldier that was reprogramed by Roswalt into a force for good. Yadira 0.85 used to be a mindless servant but after she was reprogramed she turned into a fun loving spirited childlike young woman. Yadira 0.85 looks like a beautiful human young woman and she longs to be one. Yadira 0.85 forgot her original mission in life thus has no memory of the fact that she was originally meant for evil. Yadira 0.85 also begins to develop a bit of a crush of Roswalt who is reluctant to be in a relationship with a machine. Soon through a wish Yadira 0.85 finally was turned into a human being and soon married Roswalt and together they’ll have a daughter named Gwendoline.

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